Who We Are


Our system of life on this planet is at a crossroads, we are not only dealing with the corona virus pandemic but we also need to find a solution for the extreme wealth inequality, all in the midst of a global climate change crisis. 

The greatest challenge of our time is to raise people’s standard of living to a reasonable level while preserving as much of life on earth as possible.

Extraordinary Experiences

We consider urban agriculture as not only a grass-root solution to food security but also helps build social capital, which greatly improves people’s lives by giving them the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and stronger communities.

We are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions that transform into long-term processes, that have the ability to  increase the yield, reduce dependency on heavy machinery, lower maintenance cost, conserve water and extend the life cycle of the soil.

Our Core Values

There is an urgent need, now more than ever, for the introduction of new and more sustainable values in our societies that are more aligned with the forces of nature.